How to Join the Club

It is easy to become a member of FPV & XR Owners Club of Victoria. You can either fill out the Membership Form and send it to the Post Office Box or simply turn up to an event and submit your details to Membership Secretary.

You must be an owner of one of the following Ford vehicles:

  • TICKFORD built and badged range of vehicles
  • Including XR6, XR8 T-Series and GT’s
  • FORD PERFORMANCE VEHICLES (FPV) built and badged range of  Vehicles, including all vehicle platforms e.g. GT, GT-P, F6, Pursuit utes, Force, F6X and any future models produced
  • FORD built and badged XR range of vehicles, including all vehicle platforms
    e.g. XR4, XR5, XR6, XR6T, XR8 and any future models produced.

FPV & XR Owners Club of Victoria also accepts Associate Memberships to those who do not own one of the vehicles listed above, or are in between vehicles at present. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary.

  • SINGLE Annual Membership
  • $75.00
  • Joining Fee $15.00
  • FAMILY Annual Membership
  • $105.00
  • Joining Fee $15.00

Once you have completed the form you can either:

1. Pay on line here –
Select single or family membership and follow the prompts, before then completing the membership form and emailing it to

2. Pay via Direct Deposit
Bank: National Australia Bank
BSB: 083 121
Account: 45014 4327
Name:  FPV & XR Owners Club of Victoria
Details: First Initial and Surname

The onus is on the member to send an email to both and with the above details in the message, date of payment and any changes to membership details or (for new members) include the membership form.  The committee will not be responsible for chasing up payments that have been presented with no communication from the Payee.


3. Post your form and payment to:
FPV & XR Owners Club of Vic
P.O. Box 6070, Croydon Nth, Victoria 3136

Please do not post Cash with your application as we cannot be responsible loss of cash through the post. Cheque or Money Orders are the preferred method of payment (via Post).

All members receive Key Ring, Membership Card, Stickers and subscription to High Output (one per Family Membership).

Feel free to attend Club Meetings and Events in the meantime. (See Events) If you experience any problems or enquiries please let us know at

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your membership to be processed.